‘Please keep praying’: Friends give update on John Regala’s health


Posted at Aug 07 2020 10:15 PM

MANILA--John Regala had his knee tested, as he continues to receive medical care for health problems, including liver cirrhosis. 

According to Chuckie Dreyfus, one of the actors who rushed to help out after the actor's poor health made headlines, Regala had his right knee, which has been causing pain, tested for infection. 

The test will determine whether it is safe for doctors to give Regala steroids for joint pain, Dreyfus explained. 

In an update, sent Friday, Dreyfus added that Regala's liver, with regards to the cirrhosis, is found to be in stable condition, but that the actor's severe gout is now being monitored.

The day's morning's check-up also, Dreyfus shared, reported only knee pain, with Regala said to have fair appetite, no fever, no cough, no difficulty breathing, no abdominal pain, and no jaundice. 

They are currently awaiting the results of the knee test and whether more would be needed for Regala. 

Dreyfus wrote in the update, which was also posted on the Instagram account of Nadia Montenegro: "Please keep on praying for John's health and recovery." 


‼️UPDATE #5 ON JOHN REGALA'S CURRENT CONDITION (as of August 7, 2020) Yesterday, John underwent arthrocentesis (used a needle to aspirate fluid from the right knee). Doctors submitted the fluid for tests to check if knee is infected or not. If test results show that his knee is not infected, John can receive steroids for joint pain. John is currently still taking antibiotics. For John's pain, he is undergoing pain management on board with anesthesiologists taking care of the pain medications that can be given to him as of the moment. When doctor made his rounds this morning, these were his observations: Awake; slurred speech (from previous stroke) Pain bilateral knee Fair appetite No fever; no cough No difficulty of breathing no chest pain No abdominal pain No jaundice (yellow coloring of the skin) Presently, we are awaiting remaining tests from the fluid taken from John's knee to determine if it is safe to administer steroids. Also, according to John's doctor, his liver is stable. Severe gout is also one of John's problems right now. Awaiting further updates and if (and when) he is scheduled for more tests. Please keep on praying for John's health and recovery. We will continue to update everyone on John's condition and hopeful improvement. We are extremely thankful to everyone -- friends and even strangers -- who reached out, sent prayers, and donated (in cash and in kind) to help John get better. John sends his love and gratitude to all of you. ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

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Regala made headlines last week after he was found experiencing a dizzy spell while walking in the streets by a food delivery guy.

It was revealed that Regala had been having trouble eating for days, due to complications brought about by liver cirrhosis. 

Dreyfus and Montenego were among the celebrities who immediately extended help towards Regala, who has been brought to the National Kidney and Transplant Institute in Quezon City. 

They have opened a crowdfunding page for Regala, and you can find the link here.

Donations can also be sent to this bank account:

BDO (Joint Account)
Account No: 002030228830