Concert review: SB19 ruled the stage in 'Back in the Zone'

Leah C. Salterio

Posted at Aug 02 2021 04:00 PM | Updated as of Aug 02 2021 04:33 PM

Concert review: SB19 ruled the stage in 'Back in the Zone' 1
SB19 in 'Back in the Zone'

MANILA -- Even before SB19’s scheduled digital concert, “Back In the Zone” last August 1, it was immediately decided that a repeat is in the works due to the popular demand.

 In fact, KTX business development and operations head Gian Carlo Vizcarra was beaming with pride that KTX made really good money last weekend, due to the success of SB19’s “Back In the Zone.”

Just last Sunday alone, nearly 8,000 SB19 concert tickets were sold for the day. To think that on Friday, more than 12,000 tickets were already accounted for.

“Malakas ang SB19,” Vizcarra told ABS-CBN News. “Malaki ang kita ng KTX sa kanila. Top-earner ang concert nila.”

SB19 is undoubtedly the most popular Pinoy pop group now, inspired by K-pop and influenced by American pop. The group has a strong, solid and loyal A’tin fan base (pronounced 18) to signify how they put their followers first as 18 comes before 19. In Tagalog, A’tin directly translates to “ours”

The much-awaited “Back In the Zone” showcased a new repertoire from SB19’s six-track EP “Pagsibol,” a follow-up to their “Get In the Zone,” that even became a nationwide concert tour in 2019.

The special guests in “Back In the Zone” -- Mona, Alex Bruce and 4th Impact (Almira, Irene, Mylene and Celina Cercado) -- all came as opening acts before SB19 ruled the stage. Celina Cercado, in fact, even expressed the desire of the sisters to one day collaborate with SB19 in an original song.

Displaying their impressive choreography onstage, SB19 not just rendered one original song after another. They interjected their Pinoy culture into their songs and style. Most of the songs were written by Pablo, their lead singer-songwriter.

When the boys rendered their debut single “Tila Luha” in the concert they reminisced about their humble beginnings. On December 25, 2019, SB19 signed up with Sony Music Philippines that released “Alab.”

The quintet carried out “Love Goes,” “Hanggang sa Huli,” followed by “Ikako or “Ikaw at Ako,” a song that salutes the sacrifices and courage of Filipinos, as it pays tribute to our frontliners.

Last March, SB19 released “What,” short for “watawat,” that raised the Philippine flag in the international music scene. “Go Up” and “What” are their music videos with over 10 million views on YouTube in only three months.

The five guys were also made to showcase their individual vocal range by giving them solo spots.

SB19 also dished out other tunes from “Pagsibol,” like “Mapa,” “Bazinga,” “Mana” (short for “Manananggal”) and ended with “Slmt” (“Salamat”).

SB19 has achieved other local bands probably took a lifetime to accomplish. Last May, the group was the first Filipino artist in history to be nominated in the Top Social Artist category at the Billboard Music Awards, alongside BTS, Blackpink, Seventeen and Ariana Grande.

Although BTS won, SB19 certainly put up a fight and certainly made a major enviable milestone for the boys after only two years.