5 things we love about Korean superstar Park Shin-Hye

Red Dimaandal, Metro Magazine

Posted at Aug 02 2017 01:52 PM

MANILA -- Park Shin-Hye is clearly not just about celebrity glamour. As beautiful as she is, her inner beauty shines brighter—that’s why many Filipinos admire her. 

After four years of being away, Korean actress Park Shin-Hye was back in Manila for a fun meet-and-greet concert by local clothing brand Bench. We got the chance to know more about the Korean superstar — and listed down the things we most love about her. 

1. She creates unforgettable characters. 

Who could forget the cross-dressing nun Go Mi-Nyu, the ordinary yet courageous high schooler Cha Eun-Sang and the cool Yoo Hye-Jung? Regardless of the role, Shin-Hye always puts her personal stamp on a K-drama series. 

Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Hoo

2. She’s multi-talented. 

Shin-Hye isn’t only an actress. She also has a lovely singing voice, which she showcased on most of her K-drama series—and yup, she performed her all-time hits during her meet-and-greet concert, too. 


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3. She’s fashionable. 

Even though we see her mostly in K-drama’s rocking school uniforms, in real life, this superstar has been consistently seen with impeccable style and chic wardrobe. Shin-Hye also shares that, especially during the winter, she loves to do layering with her clothes as she gets to style more and have fun doing it. 


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4. She’s charitable. 

This lady has a heart of gold. In 2013, this Korean superstar opened up the Shin-Hye center in Ghana to aid the unfortunate children. Since then, over a thousand children have been provided with a library, playground and basic education programs. And in case you didn’t know, in 2016, Shin-Hye opened her second center here in our country where the actress personally visits the site from time to time. 

Video by Suzette Corpuz

5. She’s very loving to her fans. 

It’s pretty obvious that Shin-Hye is a very kind-hearted person. During her meet and greet concert, Shin-Hye mostly prepared fun games that would make her interact with fans. 

Park Shin-Hye answers her fans’ questions. Photo by Suzette Corpuz