WATCH: First trailer for ‘Still 2gether’ released


Posted at Jul 31 2020 09:00 PM

If the "With A Smile" cover was not enough to make their day, then here's something fans of "2gether" will definitely be smiling about. 

This Friday, GMMTV, the Thai production company behind the popular boys' love series, dropped the trailer for its follow-up, "Still 2gether," which is expected to expand on the relationship of its lead characters. 

The clip, released with English subtitles on YouTube, teased scenes showing the unbelievably cute bond between Tine and Sarawat, and a good amount of flirting between the two to get fans excited. 

It also hints at some of the plot points for the new episodes, including the possibility of Tine and Sarawat being separated and being forced to deal with the difficulties of a long-distance relationship. 

You can check it out below: 

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The trailer dropped after Dreamscape, the local partner of GMMTV for "Still 2gether," released the official recording of Bright Vachirawit, who plays Sarawat, covering the Eraserheads' "With A Smile." 

The song will be featured in "Still 2gether," once the series premieres simultaneously in the Philippines via iWant on August 14. 

"2gether" also stars Win Metawin as Tine.