Ben&Ben trends in South Korea after K-pop stars gush about 'Leaves'


Posted at Jul 24 2020 06:00 PM


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MANILA -- For most of the Pinoys who were listening in to the stream of Mark Lee, of the K-pop group NCT, this past week, the gentle keyboard melody was immediately recognizable.

For the many others who were not familiar with it, they looked it up --enough times that Ben&Ben and their song "Leaves" topped the search chart of South Korea's biggest music streaming site, Melon.

On Twitter, the Filipino folk band shared their disbelief over the fact that they were trending among the Korean community, dominating at one point Melon's realtime search chart.

It was no doubt thanks to Lee introducing them and "Leaves" to his fans, coupled with another K-pop star, Young K of DAY6, gushing about the same song after it was recommended to him.

Melon is South Korea's most popular music streaming app, with more than 5 million users.

This is another achievement for Ben&Ben, who, just last April, cracked the top 30 of the Social 50 Chart of US music website Billboard. The chart ranks the most active artists on social media.