‘Once a cheater, always a cheater’: Did Bea Alonzo really tweet that?


Posted at Jul 23 2019 05:10 PM | Updated as of Jul 23 2019 05:21 PM

‘Once a cheater, always a cheater’: Did Bea Alonzo really tweet that? 1
Bea Alonzo has disowned a trending Twitter account that uses her name and photos. Instagram: @beaalonzo/ Twitter: @iambeaalonzo

MANILA — The quick answer: no.

Amid the controversy surrounding Bea Alonzo’s relationship with Gerald Anderson, #AskBea topped trending topics on Twitter Monday night.

The hashtag was used in tweets to tag an account, @iambeaalonzo, in personal questions meant for the actress.

In light of Alonzo’s apparent falling out with Anderson, the queries addressed to the Twitter profile were mostly about her relationship.

“Once a cheater always a cheater,” went the first tweet from the account, which appeared blank prior to the post save for using photos of Alonzo as its profile and header images.

As the account continued to post “hugot” statements and actively answered tweets with the hashtag #AskBea — with many of its responses getting tens of thousands of retweets — its following grew exponentially on Tuesday evening.

As of writing, @iambeaalonzo already had nearly 40,000 followers.

Its tweets about self-worth, having trust issues after being cheated on, moving on, and finding new love appeared to be relatable topics to many Twitter users, as they continued to gain traction on Tuesday.

The account’s trending debut apparently reached Alonzo, the actual actress, who took to her verified Instagram page to post a disclaimer.

‘Once a cheater, always a cheater’: Did Bea Alonzo really tweet that? 2
Instagram: @beaalonzo

“FYI, I’m not on Twitter,” she wrote in an Instagram Stories update.

Seven hours after Alonzo’s clarification, the Twitter account remained active, and even tweeted a gallery of the Star Magic artist’s photos.

Since her controversial Instagram post about having had “enough” on Sunday — which sparked widespread speculation of infidelity in her relationship — Alonzo has not yet released a statement pertaining to the topic, whether through social media or other means.