Toni Gonzaga recalls most difficult challenge as 'PBB' housemate


Posted at Jul 19 2021 03:07 PM

MANILA – Toni Gonzaga has been one of the hosts of “Pinoy Big Brother” for several seasons over the past years. 

But aside from hosting the ABS-CBN reality show, she also got to experience being a housemate when she was trapped inside after a live nomination night in 2008.

In a sit-down interview with vlogger Wil Dasovich, Gonzaga reminisced about her experience inside the famous blue and yellow house and what she considers the most difficult challenge she encountered as a housemate.

“Being true to myself and being vulnerable. Because sometimes being true to myself is scary because you will be judged by people. When you react on something based on how you really feel and that’s not gonna please other people who are watching, I think that’s the hardest, more than the physical, mental, emotional game inside 'PBB,'” she said.

“The hardest thing that a housemate could ever go through inside the house of kuya is being the truest, most authentic version of themselves. Because it’s hard to be vulnerable. It’s the scariest place to be, 'yung vulnerability, showing who you really are, what you really feel on the inside,” she added.

For Gonzaga, it is impossible for one to always put up a good front throughout a season of the “PBB.”

“It’s hard to wear a mask inside 'PBB' house because that’s 24/7 of filming. You cannot always wear that mask na, ‘I am a good person.’ You can’t. You can act as much as you want but the real you will always resurface,” she said.

Relating this challenge to real life, Gonzaga shared in the same interview the thing she currently struggles with the most.

“Basta 'yung controlling is the hardest for me, to give up the need to control the people around me, my family, my sister, my job, what I do. Just to give up the need to control things,” she said.

Like many people, Gonzaga said it is also difficult for her not to think of what is going to happen in the future.