'My sweet baby, you're incomparable': Morissette mourns death of pet dog


Posted at Jul 16 2020 11:00 AM

MANILA – Morissette Amon is mourning the death of her pet dog Luna, who passed away last Saturday.

On Instagram, Amon said her heart still breaks every time she remembers Luna, but she is at peace knowing she’s in a much better place now without feeling any pain.

Recalling her last moments with her dog, Amon shared: “When I got the call that you had a cardiac arrest and they were trying to revive you (she had a total of 4), we rushed to the vet hospital hoping that we could still catch you and that you could catch us being there for you, as always.”

Amon said it was so hard to see her dog struggling, but she knows Luna tried hard to hold on. 

“On your last few breaths (already through the resuscitator), I hope you felt our touch at the very least... Until you stopped fighting, and our world froze. Next thing we knew, the skies shared our pain and downpour of tears,” she said.

Amon said Luna just turned seven months on the day she passed away and although they only got to have her for a really short season, the memories they have made with her were some of the best and will last a lifetime.

“In the span of a couple weeks, we've watched you grow and I've even done things I've never done before with my other pets,” she said.

Describing Luna as incomparable, Amon said her “light and love is one that we'll carry in our hearts forever, to the moon and back.”