WATCH: IV of Spades, Unique Salonga drop new songs at the same time


Posted at Jul 13 2018 05:13 AM


Unique Salonga, who fronted IV of Spades before quitting, dropped his debut song as a solo artist, "Midnight Sky," within minutes of his former band releasing their new single, "In My Prison." 

IV of Spades was the first to premiere a brand new music video this Friday, featuring eerie, creepy cult visuals and a killer groove. 

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Half an hour later, it was Salonga's turn to hit YouTube. 

His "Midnight Sky" black-and-white video stars him dramatically singing alone inside a room with an unkempt bed in the middle. Fitting, perhaps, for a melodramatic track about tortured pining for a lover's hand. 

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It was just a few months ago when Salonga announced his shock decision to leave IV of Spades, which maintained that they will go on as a trio. 

He didn't explain his reasons, but fans later found out that it was to go solo as he signed a contract with Kean Cipriano's new record label, OC Records.