Kean Cipriano thanks everyone for making his solo show successful


Posted at Jul 05 2022 12:13 PM

MANILA – Kean Cipriano thanked everyone who made his solo show a success a few days after he candidly announced that Callalily, the band which he used to be part of, is done after 17 years.

Cipriano admitted he was nervous before his performance “especially with everything that’s going on and being thrown at me when I decided to choose myself.”

“Often times, people will loosely label you as selfish for choosing what’s best for you. Let them negate their world,” he said on Instagram.

Sharing a lesson he’s learned at this point in his career, Cipriano said: “Never let outside noise steer you away from what your soul is saying. Move if you must, jump if need be.”

“Thank you universe for a sold out show. I am truly grateful to each person that came through. Thank you @winfordmanila. Sobrang sarap ng tugtog kagabi. Ramdam na ramdam ko 'yung pagmamahal. Can’t wait for the next one.”


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Cipriano surprised the group’s fans with his statement of having “moved on” from Callalily last month.

Speaking with ABS-CBN News last week, Cipriano pointed out the band’s lack of output in the past couple of years, as well as the “atmosphere” that was no longer conducive to collaborating.

Cipriano also mentioned his pursuit of “growth” as a factor in discontinuing the band.

Callalily was formed in 2005 with Cipriano as frontman and lead vocalist, Lem Belaro on drums, Aaron Ricafrente on bass guitar, Alden Acosta on lead guitar, and Tatsi Jamnague on rhythm guitar.

Belaro and Ricafrente, along with guitarist Nathan Reyes, who joined the band in 2018, have since re-introduced their band as simply LILY, following Cipriano’s announcement. The group has also scheduled auditions for a new vocalist.