Yam Concepcion shares engagement story with longtime boyfriend


Posted at Jun 29 2021 11:44 AM | Updated as of Jun 29 2021 02:30 PM

MANILA – The proposal may have happened more than two years ago already, but Yam Concepcion and Miguel Cuunjieng feel like they got engaged again when they finally announced it publicly last week.

In a two-part vlog Concepcion shared on Monday, the couple shared their engagement story which happened in Niseko, Japan on December 31, 2018.

According to Cuunjieng, he first for the permission of Concepcion’s brother and mom before he proposed to her. When they gave him their blessing, he recalled crying immediately.

“I started crying. Little did they know, I already bought the rings so I showed them photos of the ring, they approved as well. I went back to the States thinking it was a successful trip,” he said.

Cuunjieng then asked Concepcion her dream destination and she immediately said it was Iceland. The timing, however, became an issue because they did not want to go to Iceland in the middle of winter.

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They then decided to just go to Niseko, which is also one the places Concepcion wants to visit.

“Si Miguel the entire time in Niseko, he had his backpack on even while skiing or snowboarding. Everywhere we go, he wouldn’t let go of the backpack. 'Yun pala, he made sure that [the ring] was with him the entire trip,” Concepcion said.

According to Cuunjieng, the whole plan was for them to go to a hotel nearby close to midnight and the excuse was that place had a great viewing deck for fireworks for New Year.

“You were so stressed out. I said, ‘You know what Miguel? Just relax. We can just hang here in the hotel. We don’t need to go there anymore for the countdown. We can just have our own little countdown in our room.’ But you badly wanted to leave the hotel,” said Concepcion. 

While they missed their shuttle, Cuunjieng said it was like the stars were aligning when they saw a woman parked outside their hotel.

“She did not really speak English, but I think she just understood the words ‘help’ and ‘proposal.’ We got in the car. We drove down to Hilton. When we got there, it’s 11:49 p.m. You got out of the car first and the driver was like, ‘Happy New Year,’” he said.

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At that point, Concepcion said she still had no idea about what’s going to happen until Cuunjieng handed her a book about paper cranes and what it meant in the Japanese culture.

“You were flipping through that book as we were walking down the path and you were like, ‘What is this book? Why are you explaining what a thousand paper cranes means? Why are there photos of everybody that I know holding cranes, folding cranes?’ That’s when we saw a light up ahead so I said, ‘Why don’t we just walk over to the light,’” he said.

“And you got to the last page of the book. You were doing your 180 looking at the cranes. While your back was turned, I got down on one knee,” said Cuunjieng.

According to the couple, they cried so much at that moment, and they decided to celebrate the moment by downing a bottle of champagne in the snow surrounded by all those cranes. 

While it was tough for him to keep it a secret, Cuunjieng said he did it “out of reverence for all of your hard work, didn’t want anything to affect that trajectory.”

Now into their sixth year as a couple, Concepcion and Cuunjieng have yet to reveal when they are tying the knot.