20 things we learned about Bright and Win from their PH mediacon (plus the approved fandom name)

Miguel Dumaual, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Jun 26 2020 08:52 PM

20 things we learned about Bright and Win from their PH mediacon (plus the approved fandom name) 1
Win Metawin (right) reacts after his '2gether' co-star Bright Vachirawit asks whether he has ever lied to him, in a light moment during their June 26 Philippine media conference. Dreamscape Entertainment/GMMTV

MANILA — Bright and Win have made it official. No, not being together.

In one of many candid revelations in their first Philippine media conference, the stars of Thailand's "2gether" finally approved an official "fandom" name for their international supporters. (Read on to find out which.)

Held Friday ahead of the June 28 premiere of "2gether" on iWant, the mediacon, as expected, ranked atop the Twitter trends not only in the Philippines but also in Thailand.

"2gether," a boys' love (BL) series about school mates whose pretend relationship turns real, has been so successful in the Philippines that its sequel will be simulcast here in late 2020. It also launched a local wave of BL productions, including ABS-CBN's own "Hello, Stranger."

Since the original run of the "2gether," Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin have courted a growing fanbase among Filipinos, whom they repeatedly thanked during the hour-long stream.

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Aside from their plans once they do get to visit the Philippines, the tandem dubbed "BrightWin" also shared many personal stories, from their memorable family moments to their dreams outside showbiz.

Here are 20 things we learned about Bright and Win from their virtual medicon, in order:

1. During their free time, Bright likes to play guitar and sing to relax, while Win prefers to keep active by working out or playing sports.

2. Because of their newfound international popularity, Bright now tends to be more careful with what he shares on social media, saying young viewers are also among their fans. Win agreed.

3. For his role as Sarawat, and basing on the character in the novel, Bright had to "darken" his skin — which meant not using sunscreen for three months.

4. Win, on the other hand, had to lose weight to accurately portray Tine. In the source material, Tine is "smaller" in terms of physique than Sarawat, Win explained.

5. Bright is a fan of romantic comedy movies (like "About Time"), while Win prefers action (think "John Wick"), according to their respective picks when asked what kind of movie they would want to produce if given the chance.

6. Bright's favorite comicbook character is The Joker, so much so that he'd want to play Batman in a film so he could "face him." Win's dream "superhero" role, meanwhile, is John Wick.

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7. Win just finished his economics degree, and is due to graduate next year. Bright, a marketing major, is on his last year in college.

8. Aside from acting, Win's other dream job is to become an architect. Bright, meanwhile, wants to juggle acting with a music career.

9. Win's memorable family moment since his showbiz success: "My dad is proud of me. One day, he touched my head, and said he is proud of me... I want my dad to take a rest, and I'll just stay home and I'll work for him."

10. Bright's memorable family moment since his showbiz success: "I told my mom that she doesn't need to work anymore. I will take care of her... I will continue to work hard so I can support my family.

11. Given their popularity and wide platform, Bright wants to shed light on enivronmental issues, while Win identified orphans as among those he wants to help.

12. Bright's answer when asked what Thai dish he would compare himself to: "Som tam (spicy papaya salad), because I'm hot and spicy!" Win, on the other hand, said he would be mango and sticky rice, "because I'm sweet."

13. Bright's favorite fan art are the cartoon depictions of him and Win. A memorable one for Win, meanwhile, is a video compilation of him saying "a rude word in Thai."

20 things we learned about Bright and Win from their PH mediacon (plus the approved fandom name) 2
Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin answer questions from local press during their first Philippine media conference on Friday. Dreamscape Entertainment/GMMTV

14. Once they do get to visit the Philippines, Win wants to see Boracay because of "the clear waters," while Bright wants to explore diving spots in Cebu.

15. Bright intends to cover more English songs online, so his international fans can understand the lyrics. Singing a Filipino tune is a possibility, he said, but first he has to study the language.

16. While he was formerly part of a band, Win is a self-confessed non-singer. That's something he has to work on first, he quipped, before he can even record a Filipino song.

17. Bright is a "very bad dancer."

18. Bright and Win easily agreed on three wishes they would ask from a hypothetical magic lamp: for everyone to be happy, for everyone to be healthy, and for the pandemic to end.

19. If they only had one more day to live and only one question they can ask each other, Bright go with: "Have you ever lied to me?" Win, on the other hand, would ask Bright: "Will you come to my funeral?"

20. "Always be considerate of other people," is one advice from Win's parent that he still lives by. As for Bright, his mom would always remind him: "We cannot have everything that we want all the time."

BONUS: It's official — "BrightWin" is the Bright- and Win-approved name of their fandom. "BrightWin is good enough. Let's just keep it at that! We love that name!" Bright said.