American rapper Blxst looks forward to collab with Filipino artist

Rick Olivares

Posted at Jun 24 2021 01:48 PM | Updated as of Jun 24 2021 04:28 PM

American rapper Blxst looks forward to collab with Filipino artist 1
American rapper BLXST. Photo by Miguel Garcia

(UPDATED) It’s six o’clock in the evening in Los Angeles, California, and American rapper Blxst (pronounced as “Blast”) is all smiles. 

Why not? His family is safe and healthy in this time of pandemic and his new single, “Chosen” has hit No. 1 on Hot Hits Philippines -- against luminaries such as Dua Lipa and BTS.

Furthermore, it has been added to the rotation of Magic 89.9, RX 93.1, and 99.5 PlayFM.

“That is amazing,” Blxst (whose real name is Matthew Burdette) said with a toothy grin. “That is the power of music -- to hit another side of the world where I have not been to. I hear it’s gaining traction in Asia as well. It’s made me appreciate the position I am in to do something like this. After I am done with my American tour (that should kick off soon), I will look to how we can do an activation over there (in Manila).”

“Chosen,” which features fellow rap artists Ty Dolla $ign and Tyga, is one of his new songs.

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With each song, the Los Angeles native has released a corresponding video that shows his love for film.

“Making the music that is bigger than life, that is the plan,” revealed Blxst. “Making short films in these music videos is expanding the ideas and making the music come alive. And if it happens down the line, I want to try my hand at acting.”

For now, Blxst is concentrating on making music and working on his first full-length album. Most of his music is available on streaming platforms. His extended play single titled, “No Love Lost,” has become highly sought after with the record selling for at least $400 a pop. 

“The full-length we will look into making it also available on vinyl for fans who love that medium,” he said.

His earlier singles have done extremely well on streaming platforms with the videos also received well on YouTube. And despite making music for the past three years, fans are hoping that breakout success is just around the corner. 

“Criminally underrated,” is how Blxst’s fans describe him.

“Well, I like the tag ‘criminally underrated’ because it will have this snowball effect. When people who catch on to my music, it goes around by word of mouth making it organic rather than following a trend. Over time it helps build a solid foundation and fan base.”

Even if it is also on the other side of the world some 15 hours away. 

“Hopefully soon, we can see how we can collaborate with artists from Asia," said Blxst. “Today, it’s mandatory to expand the sound and get the feel for different cultures. So I am looking forward to what we can do with other artists in the Philippines, and Asia.”

“I’m a chill and laid-back person who gives out these mellow vibes,” said Blxst. “I’m blessed to spread this across the world.”