Special episode of 'Lovely Writer' set 2 years after end of hit Thai BL series

Josiah Antonio, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Jun 10 2021 06:24 PM

Special episode of 'Lovely Writer' set 2 years after end of hit Thai BL series 1
Gene (Up Poompat) and Nubsib (Kao Noppakao) watching their second-anniversary video. Screenshot from "Lovely Writer Special Episode" trailer.

This article contains spoilers of "Lovely Writer Special Episode."

Gene (Up Poompat) and Nubsib (Kao Noppakao) proved that their love is still strong two years into the relationship in the recently concluded special episode of “Lovely Writer.”

The episode fast forwards from the hit Thai boys' love series about Gene, a former novelist of the same genre, Nubsib, the actor of the TV adaptation of his novel who became his boyfriend. 

The series challenged various tropes and stereotypes in the BL genre with its meta approach.

In his writing process, Gene draws inspiration from Nubsib who played the protagonist of the TV adaptation of his latest hit novel, “Bad Engineer.”

Their bond during the production process and glimpses to the past will shed light on how the BL genre has come along, and in what direction should it go moving forward.

This time, the nearly two-hour episode now sees Gene as a horror and mystery novel writer and Nubsib leaving the entertainment industry to work for his father. 

Nearly two years into the relationship, Nubsib starts to feel like their love is falling apart as Gene invests more time with his writing. 

So he called on his former manager Tum (Ken Prarunyu) and Gene's fellow novelist Hin (Kenji Wasin) to set up a plan for their second anniversary. He also tapped his former director in his series "Bad Engineer" Mai (Earth Nirodha), and Gene's boss, Bua, to disguise it as a project.

In the middle of the shoot, however, Gene discovered his boyfriend’s plan.

At the end of the episode, we see Gene and Nubsib watching their second-anniversary clip as they promise to make their bond stronger. 

Fans also finally solve the lost scene in the series' trailer and found out that the kiss was at the last sequence. 


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