WATCH: MNL48’s new ‘Igai ni Mango’ music video a pretty return to positivity

Vincent Garcia, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Jun 08 2019 10:33 PM | Updated as of Jun 08 2019 10:35 PM

The members of Team L, the sub-team who sang and composed the Filipino lyrics of the MNL48 version of 'Igai ni Mango.' Hallohallo Entertainment

It was never going to be long before MNL48 decided that the relatively glum mood surrounding the group over the past month (as a result, still, of how their own election turned out) needed to change.

And so, despite it nearing the end of summer, and contrary to their last which was more sad and nostalgic than hopeful, the music video for "Igai ni Mango" is a bright, shiny ball of positivity: a delightfully pretty reminder to enjoy the fleeting sweetness of youth.

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It begins with the members appearing down, before a breeze (a reference to the lyrics, translated from a song of a sister group of theirs, Japan's SKE48), breathes into them new life and color, pointedly marking an end to the group's stretch of drab days.

The girls are seen trying out the different attractions of a local theme park, laughing and hugging each other, charming smiles on call — simple and straight to the point: they're having fun again and perhaps nothing else matters at this point.

The members of Team L shot the music video for 'Igai ni Mango' in a local theme park. Hallohallo Entertainment
The girls of MNL48 are seen having fun in their new music video shoot. Hallohallo Entertainment
MNL48 members try out different rides in a local theme park for the music video. Hallohallo Entertainment.

"Igai ni Mango" is a coupling song that was included in their "365 Araw ng Eroplanong Papel" single.

This MNL48 version is performed by Team L, a sub-team within the group. The center for the music video is MNL48 Sela, the second most popular member of the group based on their election.