WATCH: MNL48 debuts new music video '365 Araw ng Eroplanong Papel'


Posted at Apr 05 2019 08:15 PM


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It's not a coincidence that MNL48 decided to release their music video for "365 Araw ng Eroplanong Papel," an honest account about how the chances to achieve one's dreams may not come to everybody, this month.

This is the group's third single and it debuted a day before their first-ever major concert -- a performance that could also well be the last to feature all of the first-generation members.

It was at the start of April when MNL48 announced that it is now accepting votes to determine who gets to stay as part of the group going forward, pitting those who made it in the first time around with new aspirants selected from over 2,000 entries they received during an audition process back in January.

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The narration at the start presents ("Saksi ang bawat paglubog ng araw sa tahimik na dalangin sana sa pagsikat, ngayon, dito, ikaw ang giliw kong kapiling") an undeniably romantic and idealistic view about aiming for their goals as one -- a line that can be taken as each of the original members' message for one another.

It conjures up a bittersweet feeling, this slow creeping realization that this might not be possible after all.

Yet, this music video appears to be telling people that solace is not found only down a well of endless positivity -- a trademark of idol songs -- there's also value in understanding the purpose of disappointments, from learning resilience to helping us appreciate the success of others. It goes without saying that to best see the beauty of a paper airplane, one has to look up.

One can pre-order the "365 Araw ng Eroplanong Papel" single here.