F&B service crew members miss 'Everybody Sing' jackpot


Posted at Jun 07 2021 11:37 AM

MANILA - Members of the food and beverage service crew were featured during the Sunday episode of Vice Ganda’s newest ABS-CBN game show “Everybody, Sing!”

Only on its second day of airing, Vice Ganda explained at the beginning of the show why they chose to feature waiters as the episode’s players.

“Ang tagal na nagtrabaho ako sa comedy bar so gabi-gabi may mga kasama akong waiters. Naging matalik ko silang kaibigan, 'yung iba naging kumpare ko. Kaya love ko ang mga waiters talaga,” he said.

Knowing all their hard work since he also experienced becoming a service crew for a day last year, Vice Ganda said these people have a special place in his heart.

“Dahil sa experience na iyan, natutunan ko na dapat lagi silang naka-smile. Sure ako na sa ilalim ng mask, pangmalakasan na ang mga ngiti niyong lahat.”

True to its promise, the game highlighted the spirit of teamwork that is one of the most important things in communities, especially during a pandemic. 

During the episode, all the players collectively called the “songbayanan” helped each other guess the correct lyrics of different songs. They were divided into five groups for the five rounds of the game.

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Every correct answer they got during those five rounds is equivalent to P1,000 per player and it merited an additional two seconds for the jackpot round.

In the final round, the “songbayanan” had to guess the title of 10 songs in 72 seconds, which was the time they earned during the first five rounds. 

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Unfortunately, they were only able to guess eight titles, with every correct answer in the jackpot round corresponding to P5,000. 

At the end of the game, they divided the P40,000 they earned during the jackpot round among themselves equally.

“Everybody, Sing!” was initially scheduled to air in March 2020, but it was postponed due to the community quarantine.