Why Claudia Barretto is keen on pursuing singing career


Posted at May 22 2017 12:19 PM


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MANILA – Claudia Barretto is happy to be treading a different path compared to the other members of the Barretto clan.

On Sunday, Claudia took the stage of the Araneta Coliseum for a music performance with other Kapamilya artists which will be aired on “ASAP” next week.

Speaking to entertainment reporters before her number, Claudia said she actually thinks it is nice that she is doing “something different.”

“It’s something that will set me apart. At the same time, I’ve never really tried acting and I am more into singing. It’s much easier for me to be a singer than an actress,” she said.

Claudia, the younger sister of Julia Barretto, also shared how happy she is to be getting good reviews for her recently released debut single “Stay.”

“I’ve been getting very good comments and people are downloading it and buying it on iTunes. It’s about asking someone to stay,” she said.

As she begins her showbiz career, the younger Barretto is grateful to have the full support not just of Julia, but also their mom, actress Marjorie Barretto. 

“[They tell me to] just to be confident because I’m a very shy person. Be confident and enjoy the process, enjoy everything that’s happening,” she said. “[My mom] loves it. She knows that it’s always been my dream to be a singer so she’s always been very supportive.”

Will she ever try acting as well?

“Right now, just purely music. I’m really into music and I really want to do better in that first and then we’ll see. But right now, just music,” she said.

Claudia revealed she also wants to get into songwriting in the future.

Nonetheless, Claudia doesn’t plan on quitting school despite her early success.

“I think it’s really important for my future because after the singing thing, I want to keep going in life and do other things. School is really important for me. I really want to take away the discipline from school because I think that’s the most important,” she said.