Why Vina Morales broke up with French BF


Posted at May 06 2017 08:50 PM

Why Vina Morales broke up with French BF 1
Vina Morales announced her breakup with her French boyfriend on Friday

She once gushed that she would love to spend "endless years" with her French boyfriend, Marc Lambert. 

But on Friday, singer and actress Vina Morales told entertainment columnist Dolly Ann Carvajal that she has decided to call off their relationship. 

Morales explained that distance has taken a toll on their romance. 

"Being together in one place is a sacrifice that we aren’t yet ready to make, because of our respective obligations," she said. 

"Marc is based in Geneva, while I have my family and career here in the Philippines. As much as we still love each other, we’re giving ourselves space and time to grow separate from each other, hoping that by taking this high road, we come out as better persons."

Saying they remain friends, she concluded: "I continue to respect Marc and wish him all the best." 

Morales and Lambert have been together for more than two years. The last time they were spotted out was back in November, when they went on a trip abroad. 


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In an interview on "Magandang Buhay," Morales told Lambert: "Thank you so much for always taking good care of me, for always loving me, for always staying in my side and for always fighting for me and with me through the trials that we are going through and I'm also looking forward to spend endless years with you."