Nikki Valdez ready to return to work after surviving COVID-19


Posted at Apr 13 2021 06:41 PM

Nikki Valdez ready to return to work after surviving COVID-19 1
Photo from Nikki Valdez Instagram account

“The show must go on.”

This is what actress Nikki Valdez emphasized in her Instagram post, hinting that she will be returning to work on the series “Bagong Umaga” after successfully recovering from COVID-19. 

In her post, the veteran actress admitted she was hesitant to return to work, fearing she might contract the virus again. 

“After recovering from COVID, I admittedly have been a bit hesitant; thinking if I could work without fear of getting sick again or if I could give my 101%,” she said in the caption. 

But Valdez was reminded by a piece of advice she received back when she was just starting out in showbiz\. 

“When I was starting out in showbiz, someone gave a talk (I can’t remember who) about making sure that when we get to work, we are 101% ready,” the actress said. 

“That the only reason why we won’t be able to work is because we are already dead. Meaning? There is absolutely NO EXCUSE to not go to work.”

Valdez also realized her purpose as an actor in times of crisis such as the coronavirus pandemic. 

“Beyond grateful for a meeting I attended today because I was reminded of my purpose as an actor. Why ABS-CBN does everything to give good entertainment to so many people going through so much in this crisis,” Valdez shared.

“Please say a prayer for us all who are out there in this battle doing everything to serve through the work that we do,” she added. 

Valdez and her husband Luis Garcia have recovered from COVID-19, the actress revealed in a post last April 9. 

She said they experienced body aches, mild dry cough and a "flu-like feeling" although their temperature was normal. 

After two weeks of isolation, the Kapamilya actress said their "agony has ended" as she thanked all those who supported them.

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