‘I made a mistake’: Ex Battalion's Jon Gutierrez on rumored split with wife Jelai Andres


Posted at Apr 12 2019 01:33 AM | Updated as of Apr 12 2019 02:02 AM

Rapper Jon Gutierrez found himself in the hot seat over his marital troubles with wife, model-actress Jelai Andres. Instagram

By now, everyone's well-aware of the cost of fame. The adulation and the wealth, they do not certainly come cheap. 

Oftentimes, both are paid by giving up one's privacy — to live under a spotlight that can be quite harsh. 

Rapper Jon Gutierrez, one of the members of the hip-hop group Ex Battalion, best known for their viral hit "Hayaan Mo Sila," is perhaps learning this the hard way as he tried his best to avoid questions about his wife, model-actress Jelai Andres. 

He found himself unable to do so and was forced to face a question about their marital problems during a press conference for his group's upcoming movie, "Sons of Nanay Sabel."

"I just wanna say na nobody's perfect, I am not perfect," he said. 

Without going into details, he added: "I made a mistake but right now I'm in the process of sorting it out with my wife. I'm trying to save my marriage but, like I said, everyone makes mistakes." 

He then begs off any further questions, sternly saying: "Any questions about my wife, please don't ask it. That's the last question I'm going to answer about it because that's too personal. Thank you."

Gutierrez and Andres got married last year. They are rumored to have broken up, although it remains unclear as to exactly why. 

According to a Pep report, a third party is involved.