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Dark comedy 'Beef' tackles Asian-American immigrant experience

Yong Chavez, TFC News Hollywood

Posted at Apr 07 2023 05:55 PM

Steven Yeun and Ali Wong are the stars of Netflix series 'Beef.' Netflix
Steven Yeun and Ali Wong are the stars of Netflix series 'Beef.' Netflix

Streaming giant Netflix is set to release the dark comedy series “Beef” that blends humor and Asian-American immigrant experience. 

Steven Yeun and Ali Wong portray two strangers at a parking lot whose feud that escalates into a road rage incident that threatens to affect the lives of those around them.

In the 10-episode series, Wong is Amy, a dangerous and multi-faceted character. According to the actress, her costume alone set the tone for her take on Amy.

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“A lot of things like the costume and the set design really helped me get into character because if you notice, Amy would never wear something like this. She wears all neutrals, but she has these very insane thoughts,” Wong told TFC News Hollywood. 

“And that was kind of the head of costume, she was like: I think that's so funny if she dresses in tans and whites, but she has these insane thoughts. Because she really was trying to repress herself, you know, so it's little things like that that really helped me get into character.”

Meanwhile, Yeun in the series is a contractor who struggles with his business and personal life. This leads him to making increasingly poor decisions. 

But despite the serious themes explored in the series, many scenes will still show hilarious skits, which according to the actor, depicts real life.

“I think for us we weren't necessarily trying to hit funny beats. We were just trying to tell it true. It just happens to be that life is hilarious and silly and ridiculous. You know if you see a road rage incident in real life, that's why we Worldstar that stuff because it's so ridiculous. It's sad, too, but like I don't want to be in it, but yeah, life was funny,” he said in the interview. 

“Beef” is also considered groundbreaking in its depiction of Asian-American lives, in comparison to past Hollywood titles that are mostly focused on model minority immigrant tropes. 


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