WATCH: Kris Aquino’s audition tape for ‘Crazy Rich Asians’


Posted at Mar 13 2019 08:43 PM | Updated as of Mar 14 2019 11:42 AM

Kris Aquino acts out a portion of the script of ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ as the steely matriarch Eleanor. Facebook: Kris Aquino

MANILA — Half a year after the release of “Crazy Rich Asians,” Kris Aquino on Wednesday shared in full her taped audition for the Hollywood blockbuster where she portrayed a princess.

On her social media channels, Aquino explained her decision to belatedly release the audition tape, nearly seven months since the film’s August 2018 premiere here.

“Why now? Because the time is right. I am okay in fact, comfortable sharing with you a special moment in my life.

Relating how she has learned to put the interests of her two sons, Josh and Bimby, above her own, Aquino went on: “We saw the many facets of motherhood in Crazy Rich Asians through the characters of Astrid, Eleanor, and Kerry. And because unfortunately in this mixed bag of storms and rainbows that is my life you’ve also seen some not so good parts... Let tonight be for looking back at what’s been good. Tomorrow is another day.”


The audition sees Aquino in different outfits, as she acts out two scenes as Eleanor, the mother of lead character Nick. In the film, Michelle Yeoh portrayed the steely matriarch.

The role Aquino clinched was that of Princess Intan, a Malay royalty who has a pivotal interaction with protagonist Rachel (Constance Wu) during the climactic wedding scene.

Previously, Aquino revealed that her audition took the entire day of March 25, 2017. That included completing the set inside a Peninsula Manila suite, as well as deciding and finalizing her look with over a dozen specialists from different fields: house stylists, technical consultants, hair stylists, and makeup artists, among others.