Not just a revenge story: K-drama ‘Call It Love’ hopes to give ‘solace’ to viewers

Jaehwa Bernardo, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Feb 21 2023 02:22 PM | Updated as of Feb 25 2023 09:11 AM

Lee Sungkyung and Kim Youngkwang star in the Disney+ original Korean series ‘Call It Love.’ Photo courtesy of Disney+ Philippines
Lee Sungkyung and Kim Youngkwang star in the Disney+ original Korean series ‘Call It Love.’ Photo courtesy of Disney+ Philippines

MANILA – What happens when you fall in love with someone who also reminds you of painful experiences?

That’s what the upcoming Disney+ original Korean drama “Call It Love” intends to explore. Directed by Lee Kwangyoung, the series follows Sim Woojoo (portrayed by Lee Sungkyung), who plots revenge after being kicked out of her father’s house by his mistress following his untimely death.

Woojoo targets the lonely and workaholic Han Dongjin (Kim Youngkwang), the son of her father’s mistress, but soon finds herself developing romantic feelings for him.

In an online press conference on Tuesday, director Lee stressed that “Call It Love” is not focused on revenge. Instead, it seeks to offer comfort to viewers who may be going through difficulties.

“I didn’t focus on the concept of revenge. The characters of the show want revenge. But in our daily lives, you know, we all have those feelings of wanting to kill a person, right? But we can’t and don’t,” director Lee said.

“These are all stories about characters who have these hurts, go through these hardships, but they wake up the next day and carry on with their lives… I wanted to send a message to the audience like, ‘Let’s go ahead, let’s carry on with our lives and one day things will get better,” Lee said.

“I hope this show could provide a little bit of solace to the people who live on,” she added.

Sungkyung, best known for her lead roles in dramas like “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo” (2016) and “Sh**ting Stars” (2022), said her character Woojoo had “a heart of gold” despite being driven by the desire to take revenge.

“She doesn’t want to go for ‘an eye for an eye’ (revenge) but she has to in order to protect the things that are important to her,” Sungkyung said.

Youngkwang, who recently starred in the Netflix thriller “Somebody,” described Dongjin as “a guy who, for a very long time, had a hurtful scar inside.”

“But he doesn't know how to deal with it so he just bears with it. He lives life like that. He's a very lonely person,” he said.

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Sungkyun said it would be “fun” for viewers to see how Woojoo and Dongjin’s relationship develops.

“Woojoo looks at him (Dongjin) in a very hostile way and Dongjin also, his eyes, his glance, there’s so much fatigue there, a lot of loneliness,” Sungkyun said.

“[But] as time goes on, you’ll see their eyes and their facial expressions begin to change, and I believe that will be portrayed on screen, so hopefully the audience will feel that way too,” she added.

Ahn Heeyeon, also known as Hani from the K-pop girl group EXID, joins the cast as Kang Minyoung, Dongjin’s ex-girlfriend “who can’t let go of her past love.”

The cast also includes Sung Jun as Yoon Jun, a pharmacist “who is very dear to Woojoo,” and Kim Yewon as Sim Haesung, Woojoo’s older sister who “attempts to continuously find true love.”

The series’ soundtrack, meanwhile, includes tracks performed by rapper Wonstein, and singer-songwriters Roy Kim and Sunwoo Junga.

“Call It Love” is scheduled to premiere on Disney+ on Wednesday, February 22.


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