'Authentic and genuine': Robi Domingo talks about new romance


Posted at Feb 15 2019 08:24 PM

'Authentic and genuine': Robi Domingo talks about new romance 1
Robi Domingo shares the story of how he and his new girlfriend became a couple in an interview this Valentine's Day. ABS-CBN Lifestyle

Admittedly, Robi Domingo didn't think much of the woman who would eventually become his new girlfriend --boiling it down to the fact that they did not get the chance to talk much back then.

All he knew was that she was one half of the pretty twins he had heard of when he was still in studying high school.

But, as he revealed in an interview this Valentine's Day, everything changed around December of 2017, when they met again during the taping of the annual ABS-CBN Christmas special that year.

He said that Maiqui Pineda, the name of the girl, always went to these specials because she was a fan of local showbiz. Though that time she was alone, without her twin who usually accompanied her.

She also told him that she broke up with her boyfriend, which led, Domingo recalled, to them going out for a drink.

"That time I was single but I had no intentions, no intentions at all," said Domingo, who broke up with his longtime girlfriend, TV host Gretchen Ho, earlier that year. "We talked from 1 a.m. and finished around 4 a.m. It was a good talk."

Domingo's story of choice to share with Pineda? The time he danced on top of the tables of the bar they were at as he tried to move on from a relationship of his --"it's cathartic," he told her.

He also playfully invited her to join him the next time he wanted to have one of those wild nights.

"She texted me the next day, thanking me for it," Domingo said. "For guys, iba yung naramdaman mo pag nag-text 'yung girl. It felt like, 'Uy, type ako nito!' T'was just a feeling! From then on, we started messaging each other."

"Every single day."


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It remains unclear when Domingo and Pineda became an official couple, but the former first revealed that he was dating again back in August last year.

He described their relationship as "authentic and genuine," and added that it just "works" even though they're from "different worlds."