KZ is new challenger in China's 'Singer 2018'


Posted at Feb 06 2018 08:36 AM


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MANILA – If you haven’t been seeing KZ Tandingan on local television recently, that’s because she is now part of “Singer 2018,” a hit reality singing competition in China.

Tandingan was introduced on Tuesday as the newest addition to the lineup of contestants as a “challenger.” 

A challenger comes in after one of the previous contestants is eliminated through public voting. 

Tandingan will stay on until the finale in April if she gets enough votes each week and she doesn't get eliminated.

All the competitors on the show are professional singers including Jessie J from the UK; Tien Chong from Hong Kong, Angela Chang from Taiwan; Li Xiaodong, Wang Feng, James Li and Juno Su all from China. 

Su was the first “challenger” to join ahead of Tandingan.

In all its first three episodes, Jessie J, who has been a judge to singing competitions herself, has consistently placed on top each week. She is known for songs such as “Domino,” “Flashlight” and “Price Tag.”

Currently, the show has already aired four episodes. It goes on air every Friday at 8 p.m.