EXCLUSIVE: Nadine opens up about James, Viva, upcoming projects


Posted at Jan 30 2020 12:33 PM


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MANILA - There’s no hint of sadness in Nadine Lustre’s eyes when she made her first public appearance on Wednesday night despite being the subject of headlines in the past weeks.

Apart from the shocking news of her breakup with James Reid, Lustre is also currently in the middle of a controversy involving her management contract with Viva Artists Agency (VAA).

In an interview with ABS-CBN News’ MJ Felipe, Lustre assured her fans that she is doing fine.

“I am good. I am okay. I’m working on a lot of stuff now. I am really excited, also working on my music na. Finally, it’s going to happen this year. A lot of surprises for you guys, I’m not allowed to say a lot. Pero abangan niyo na lang,” she said.

But how is she coping exactly?

“You know it’s weird because people would think na these challenges will really hurt you and it’s really gonna put you down and make you feel super depressed na parang I don’t want to go out,” she began.

“It’s hard at first. Believe me, it was really hard. But at the end of the day kasi, I think to myself na parang, okay what is going to come out of this? After all this, when I’m done with this challenge, when I’m done with this heartache or whatever it is, I’m gonna be a stronger and better person. I would learn so much from that,” she added.

Right now, Lustre chooses to keep an optimistic attitude believing that she can overcome any challenge by living through her mantra that “there’s no way around it, only through it.”

“There’s no other way. There’s no shortcut. All the challenges that will come into your life, all the hardships, walang shortcut 'yun. You have to go through it. And after you go through it, there’s so much growth. You learn a lot of stuff about yourself and it makes you a stronger person,” she said.

Meanwhile, Lustre also talked about her current relationship with Reid following their split. 

This after they were recently spotted partying together at a bar in Makati. They also spent the weekend together having pasta with their friends.

“We are good. That’s all everyone needs to know. I think the social media kasi just blew it out of proportion. Talagang medyo naging OA lang, but we are super good,” she said.

Would she be willing to do another television series with him again in the future?

“Of course. Maybe in the future. But right now kasi, the goal talaga is to work on other stuff separately. We’ll see. Baka naman in the future, mangyari ulit iyan. But yeah, I am super open. It’s going to be a reunion teleserye for the both of us,” she said.

Lustre, however, kept mum when asked to react about the statement of Viva’s big boss, Vic del Rosario, that he wants to sit down and talk to her.

“No comment. Pass,” she said smiling.

Without giving details, Lustre's camp on Monday announced that she has "decided to terminate" her VAA contract, and that she is currently "self-managed."

VAA contradicted this, saying the actress remains its "exclusive artist," and that "any dealings or professional engagements entered into by Nadine, without the consent or approval of Viva constitutes breach of contract."