WATCH: Toni opens up about waiting for ‘God’s perfect time’ after 8 years


Posted at Jan 30 2019 09:06 PM

MANILA — Throughout their eight-year relationship prior to getting married, Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano never once were able to spend overnight together, as they obeyed, admittedly with difficulty, the rules of the actress’ parents.

Filmmaker Paul Soriano and actress Toni Gonzaga. Screenshot/YouTube: Celestine Gonzaga-Soriano

Gonzaga, 35, now has a 2-year-old son with Soriano, whom she married in June 2015.

In her latest vlog, Gonzaga chronicled her recent family trip to Amanpulo — a surprise from her filmmaker-husband on her birthday.

Gonzaga considers the island resort a special place; it’s where she and Soriano had their honeymoon, and had long been her dream destination even during the time she was single.

When she was in her mid-20s, Gonzaga recalled asking for her parents’ approval to go on vacation with Soriano, but she was always met with disapproval.

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Her mother, Pinty, dismissed the idea of the premature “honeymoon” in a joking manner, Gonzaga said, while her father, Bonoy, would be more serious and would even warn that should she disobey, that would effectively cut their ties as family members.

Candidly, Gonzaga admitted that when she did ask to be allowed on an out-of-town trip with Soriano, “iyon naman din talaga ang gusto mangyari,” referring to having a “honeymoon.”

Ultimately, it took the wedding before Gonzaga and Soriano would finally have their first experience of spending a vacation together — which happened to be in Amanpulo.

“Nakakabilib din naman si Paul, kasi for eight years, never niyang sinabi sa’kin na, ‘Mag-rebelde ka na, gawin mo na ‘yung gusto mo, may pera ka na.’ He always tells me lang na, ‘What can we do? That’s the rule of your parents. We just have to listen and obey them,’ ” Gonzaga said.


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Reflecting on her current situation, Gonzaga went on: “I realized that your obedience and sacrifice will always be rewarded in the end. Medyo matagal-tagal ang hinintay ko para ma-experience ‘to. Pero it was all worth it.

“Kaya pala ako pinaghintay nang matagal, kasi may magandang nakalaan. Kung siguro pinilit ko pumunta dito noon, it would’ve cost me hundreds and thousands of pesos, and it would’ve cost me my relationship with my parents. But because I waited for God’s perfect time, it cost me nothing.”

Gonzaga, who joined showbiz in 2002, has been open over the years about her conservative upbringing and traditional values. Those extend to her sister, fellow TV star Alex, who has similarly been candid about being disallowed from spending a trip alone with her boyfriend.

“Maybe there are some things in your life you’re in a rush to get to or to have,” Gonzaga continued. “It may hurt now to wait, but it will always be more than you ever dreamed of if you remain patient. Don’t lose hope. Darating ang time, ibibigay din sa’yo ni Lord and pinagdarasal mo.”