Why Paolo Contis is unbothered by public criticism


Posted at Jan 29 2023 12:53 PM

Paolo Contis and Yen Santos. Photo from Contis’ Instagram page
Paolo Contis and Yen Santos. Photo from Contis’ Instagram page

MANILA – Paolo Contis may have been the target of the harshest criticism in the past year following his split from LJ Reyes, but the actor stated that he is not really affected by what the public thinks of him.

“People tell me, ‘Ba’t buhay ka pa?’ or ‘Mamatay ka na.’ It’s no secret that the past year or so has been rough. But honestly, if you ask me whether or not I get affected by other people’s comments, the answer is no. They have nothing to do with my life,” Contis said, as quoted by Inquirer.

Contis believes the issues he has to deal with are personal and he intends to address them in private. 

“I did bad things, I know that. But not to the people. So why would I apologize to them? They have nothing to do with this… Their anger won’t undo what had already happened. If there are people I need to apologize to, it’s those who are directly involved. And I will fix that privately,” he said. 

But before addressing anything else, Contis said that he must first work on himself, as he believes that “you can’t say sorry if you have yet to forgive yourself for what you did before.”

Meanwhile, Contis was also not able to evade questions about Yen Santos, who was previously tagged as the reason why he and Reyes broke up.

This, after he posted on Instagram last November a photo of Santos, calling her "my best actress," to mark the latter's birthday.

“What you see is what you get,” he said. “I’m okay. There are a lot of things that the public shouldn’t care about.”

What is certain is how much Contis misses Summer, his daughter with Reyes.

“I won’t hide it—I miss her. And I hope I can visit her,” he said.

Summer has been residing in New York with Reyes, since the actress decided to leave the Philippines with her children following her separation from Contis.