Julia Barretto asked: 'Will you work with Joshua again this year?'


Posted at Jan 29 2020 02:19 PM

Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia. Instagram.com: @juliabarretto/@garciajoshuae

MANILA – Julia Barretto is open to the possibility of working with Joshua Garcia again in the future.

Barretto and Garcia used to be in a relationship but they parted ways mid-last year.

While they claim to have remained friends despite their split, Barretto made headlines when she unfollowed Garcia on Instagram early this month.

Nonetheless, they continue to make appearances together while promoting their latest movie “Block Z.”

In fact, Garcia and Barretto were at the same press conference on Wednesday when the actress was asked if their fans could expect more projects from them this year.

Responding to the question, Barretto said: “Well first we are very grateful because 'yung fans namin have stayed, have remained and have never really lost hope in our partnership. I don’t see any reason why dapat sila mawalan ng hope.”

However, Barretto indirectly said that there aren’t any projects lined up for the two of them.

Barretto said both of them will be doing individual projects for now “that hopefully will make us grow as individuals and as actors.”

If opportunity permits, the actress said this will make their reunion project in the future more fulfilling.

“One day, when we have our reunion project, we are more ready. We are more mature. We are more educated in a lot of things. I think that’s the perfect time – when we’ve grown. We have a lot of growing to do,” she said.

Meanwhile, Barretto shared that she is set to work on a new film soon and she credited her experience working on “Block Z” for helping her prepare for her upcoming role.

“All out action siya. I am very grateful na I was able to do this in ‘Block Z’ in preparation for that film also. But more than anything, I think I’m just really grateful na binigyan ako ng trust ng Star Cinema, ni Tita Malou (Santos), ni direk Mikhail (Red) to be able to pull off scenes like this. It’s my first time ever. I am just grateful for the trust. I took the opportunity and I hopefully made everyone proud,” she said.

Produced by Star Cinema, “Block Z” is now showing in theaters nationwide.