Director Vince Tañada says Aquino family supports musical film 'Ako si Ninoy'


Posted at Jan 27 2023 12:55 PM

MANILA -- Director Vince Tañada is hoping that his newest musical film "Ako si Ninoy" starring JK Labajo in the title role will help combat historical disinformation and fake news.

In an interview with ANC on Friday, Tañada said the film will show the life story of slain senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr. from "the day of his birth up to the time of his death."

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"This will appeal not only to old people na talagang they idolized Ninoy and Cory (Aquino) but most especially to the youth of today because as I said the proliferation of disinformation and fake news is not only in social media but in a lot of creative platforms as well in music, in movies, in TV shows, etc., in books even," said Tañada, who also helmed the Martial Law-set film "Katips."

Asked if "Ako si Ninoy" is a response to another movie about Aquino that purportedly will paint him in an entirely different light.

"To tell you honestly this is a not a response to a specific film but this is a response to disinformation which is now happening in the country. And we have seen the evil effect of disinformation in the country now and we want to utilize our film to educate our young people," he said.

According to Tañada, historians from August Twenty One Movement (ATOM) and from the University of the Philippines and a witness to Aquino's assassination helped ensure that all the events that were shot for "Ako si Ninoy" are accurate and genuine.
"I hope our young people will have the interest in knowing the truth because we have seen a lot of lies about the life of Ninoy. Now Ninoy is being bashed in social media. He's been accused as the mastermind of Plaza Miranda bombing, being a communist leader, etc. and these are not true. So we want to combat that with a film which is reachable and viable for the young people to understand. So I guess this is it, this is 'Ako si Ninoy' and I hope all the people most especially the young people will support our film," he said.

Tañada also pointed out that Aquino family supports the film.

"We researched about this, all historians, academicians, scholastics and even the family of Ninoy Aquino supported the film. Our main resource person was president Cory Aquino when we made the script way back in 2009 and we adopted this into a movie now in 2023. ... Ito po ay hindi galing lamang sa opinyon ng isang pamilya para maiangat ang kanilang bumagsak na imahen. Ito po ay galing sa pagsasaliksik, pag-aaral ng mga historyador, akademiko at galing mismo sa pamilya ni Ninoy Aquino," Tañada stessed.

Last Sunday, the official trailer of "Ako si Ninoy" has been released online.

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In his recent post on Facebook, Tañada also described the movie as a "multi-plot, multi-character musical film that will topple historical distortionist films."

Joining Labajo in "Ako si Ninoy" are Sarah Holmes, Johnrey Rivas, Marlo Mortel, Cassy Legazpi, Joaquin Domagoso, Nicole Laurel, JM Yosures, and Bodje Pascua, among others.

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