Filipino contestant shocks Korea’s ‘I Can See Your Voice’


Posted at Jan 27 2018 05:12 PM

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They thought she couldn't sing.

And Sephy Francisco, a contestant from the Philippines, made sure she proved the celebrity guests of the debut episode of the fifth season of Korea's "I Can See Your Voice" wrong in stunning fashion. 

Francisco, a call-center agent, wowed the show as she launched into a rousing cover of "The Prayer," nailing both Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion's parts. 

The celebrity panel, which included members of K-pop group Block B and "Running Man" star Kim Jong Kook, were immediately left in shock after realizing they misjudged her. 

Afterwards, Francisco shared that it has always been her dream to perform in Korea. Turning emotional, she explained to everyone that singing has allowed her to become her family's breadwinner. 

"Before we are very, very poor and I really want to pursue my dreams to be a singer and to inspire others," she said. 

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This was not the first time Francisco was seen on TV. In October, she was one of the contestants of the local version of "I Can See Your Voice," when Jessa Zaragaza was the guest.

Then, she had the singer in tears with her touching story about how she yearns for a chance to showcase her voice to the world. 

Unfortunately, Francisco was eliminated early during the two times she joined "I Can See Your Voice."