Goodbye, Valentina? In tragic 'Darna' episode, Regina appears to die after Narda's revelation


Posted at Jan 26 2023 11:01 PM

After finding out Darna's real identity, Regina is killed by the Super Soldiers. ABS-CBN

For the first time, Narda revealed herself as Darna to her arch nemesis Valentina, but the shocking confirmation quickly turned tragic as the latter, returning to her human form Regina, was killed by Borgo's "Super Soldiers."

In the Thursday episode of “Mars Ravelo’s Darna,” Valentina (Janella Salvador) learned the whereabouts of Narda’s (Jane de Leon) family after her “special emissary” — one of her snake minions — found Ding (Zaijian Jaranilla).

Attempting to take Ding hostage, Valentina came face-to-face with Narda, whom she blames for the death of her father, Rex (Richard Quan). Unknown to Regina, Rex's body has long been possessed by the Martean general Borgo.

Narda begged Valentina to spare her brother from their fight, but the vengeful serpent queen refused to listen. 

“I’m going to kill him in front of you. Make sure to watch closely. Just like how you killed my father in front of me,” Valentina said. 

This left Narda with no choice but to finally reveal herself to Valentina, and by extension her close friend Regina.

"Hindi ko gustong magpakilala sa 'yo sa ganitong paraan, Regina,” said Narda just before swallowing the stone that transforms her into Darna.

Shocked by the revelation, a teary-eyed Valentina recalled her deep bond with Narda as Regina, and her quest to find out Darna's human identity.

Taken aback, Valentina returned to her human form, before being targeted with an explosion by three of the Super Soldiers, resulting in her getting impaled.

The teaser for the Friday episode showed glimpses of apparent mourning for Regina. Valentina, however, is poised for a comeback, going by a poster released by producer JRB Creative Production after the Thursday broadcast.

"Death has a new queen. Prepare for her venomous comeback!" the program teased.

"Mars Ravelo's Darna" airs weeknights on TV5, A2Z, Kapamilya Channel, CineMo, Kapamilya Online Live, iWantTFC, and TFC.


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