Diego Loyzaga enjoys first US solo trip

Leah C. Salterio

Posted at Jan 23 2022 10:01 AM


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MANILA -- Diego Loyzaga surprised not a few when he left for the United States at the start of the New Year. The trip was definitely unplanned and the actor left by his lonesome, leaving behind his girlfriend of one year, Barbie Imperial.

He booked his flight quietly a day before. In fact, it was his first time to the US. “I came here all of a sudden and it wasn’t planned,” Loyzaga told ABS-CBN News.

There was also no plan to bring Imperial along. “I don’t think Barbie has a new passport,” Loyzaga said. “I don’t think even if she wanted to come here, she couldn’t have come here. She needs a visa to come here.”


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There were early speculations that Loyzaga and Imperial had called it quits, although the actor never confirmed nor deny anything.

He is apparently enjoying his first time in the US. His point of entry was initially in the East Coast and he has explored New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and even Washington, DC. The 26-year-old actor has since moved to Los Angeles to meet up with his cousins and other friends. 

“I think I found a home here in America,” the actor admitted. 


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Loyzaga had a busy 2021 after he charted five films. He started the year with Yam Laranas’ “Death of a Girlfriend,” followed by Joel Lamangan’s LGBTQ comedy, “Bekis On the Run” and Roman Perez’s Jr.’s “Hour Tour.” Two more films -- Nuel Naval’s “More Than Blue” and Fifth Solomon’s “Dulo,” -- successfully wrapped up 2021 for Loyzaga.

He starts 2022 with an early film project, “The Wife,” where he works for the first time with director Denise O’Hara, as well as actresses Louise de los Reyes and Cara Gonzales.

Loyzaga plays the computer-engineer husband of De los Reyes who cheats on her with his erstwhile girlfriend. However, their marriage will be subjected to a different test when the guy is diagnosed with the Big C.

“I’ve never played a role like this before, so it’s definitely a different level of heaviness,” Loyzaga said. “Heavy drama. Every script is different from every other script that you’ve done in the past.

“Different situations, different scenes, different circumstances that happened in the script. Ang ganda ng message.”

His intense dramatic scenes with his female co-stars were all challenging for Loyzaga. Admittedly, he was even intimidated in a few scenes they did together. Yet, it wasn’t a cause for worry.

“You have to make pagpag after every scene, because it’s hard to take that home with you,” Loyzaga said. “Every single scene I had with Louise and Cara was challenging “We had a few love scenes, but we dealt with every scene professionally.

“I was initially intimidated on the set. But we discussed the scenes very well. We decided what are needed to be done, what needs to be taken out. I was happy with that. What is important is we get our characters across to the audience.”