Everything that happened in ‘The Killer Bride’ finale

Miguel Dumaual, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Jan 18 2020 02:47 AM

MANILA — “Anger will always be redeemed by love.”

This was the parting statement of “The Killer Bride” as its credits rolled for the last time on Friday, after five months as the No. 1 series in its time slot.

As expected, the RCD Narratives production easily topped the list of trending topics on Twitter, with viewers calling the episode one of the “most satisfying” endings they’ve seen from a teleserye.

Here’s a rundown of everything that happened in the finale, from the death of a major character to a twist that goes back to the series’ October 2019 pilot:

1. Emma (Janella Salvador) manages to resist being possessed by the vengeful Camila (Maja Salvador), saying her soul will never be at peace if she keeps killing those who wronged her, including Alice (Lara Quigaman). Camila says she can’t possibly rest, without finding her daughter, Vida.

2. Camila finds out Emma is Vida all along. Vito’s (Geoff Eigenmann) investigation bore fruit, establishing Emma as their long-lost daughter. The revelation allows Camila’s soul to depart in peace, but only after expressing regret she spent so much of her time with Emma focused on vengeance, and after asking Vito to start anew with their daughter.

3. Alice gets killed by her own son, Luis (Sam Concepcion). After witnessing his mother increasingly becoming destructive, Luis is forced to pull the trigger on Alice, who just shot Vito and was about to do the same to Emma.

4. Luis reconciles with his father, Juan Felipe (James Blanco), who remains in jail for his past crimes. The young mayor of Las Espadas commits to visiting his predecessor frequently.

5. In a vision guided by Camila, Iking (Pepe Herrera) is made aware of the true story behind the legend that has long divided Las Espadas between the dela Torres and the dela Cuestas. Contrary to the rumor that was passed on as fact through generations, Armando dela Cuesta (Akihiro Blanco) played no part in the rape of Belinda dela Torre (Sammie Rimando). The two were, in fact, lovers — a revelation that helped mend ties between the current generation of their kin.

6. Luna (Alexa Ilacad), who was at one point falsely introduced as the long-lost Vida, continues to search for her biological parents. Against that effort initially, Tessa (Loren Burgos) finally grows understanding of her daughter’s curiosity.

7. Emma builds a strong bond with her former rival, Luna, the adopted daughter of Tessa and Vito. Now sisters, Luna and Emma manage to set aside their past feud over Elias (Joshua Garcia). Emma’s relationship with Luna is one of her first steps in being integrated into the dela Cuesta family, along with calling Vito “dad.”

8. Mildred (Vivoree Esclito) and Mario (CK Keiron) are hinted to have a blossoming romance, with Luna playing matchmaker.

9. The residents of Las Espadas, including the once-feuding dela Cuesta and dela Torre families, are told of the “fake news” involving Armando and Belinda, which they have all long believed to be the source of misfortune in their town. As a symbol of their healing, they come together in painting a mural.

10. Emma, now both a dela Torre and a dela Cuesta, becomes a tangible bond between the political clans. Despite losing both the parents she grew up with — Camila and Fabio (Miko Raval) — she has a bigger family than ever, with the bonus of having a boyfriend in Elias.

11. Emma and Elias’ relationship finally has a chance to flourish, with the tumult of Las Espadas far behind them.

12. Emma’s happy ending is witnessed by Camila and Fabio before they appear to depart peacefully, hinting at their own happy ending in the afterlife.

Watch the full finale episode below:

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