WATCH: Liza Soberano addresses pregnancy rumors


Posted at Jan 15 2020 03:19 PM | Updated as of Jan 15 2020 04:03 PM

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MANILA -- Liza Soberano addressed rumors that she got pregnant last year, which was why she went to the United States.

"I wasn't bothered by other people's speculations. I was, 'Oh they're going to think because I'm gone for so long,'" Soberano said on "Tonight With Boy Abunda" on Tuesday.

Last year, Soberano underwent four surgeries for her finger injury and stayed in the US for almost a month.
Soberano, who is being managed by Ogie Diaz, said she was more upset at the person who came out with the blind item.

“I was more upset with the person who came up with it, like, a whole video and everything because they didn’t even bother to ask my manager, who was here the whole time or even ask me first. Parang, they were putting out a blind item that they made it so obvious that they were talking about me. I was actually in surgery when the video came out," Soberano said.

While her fans were urging her to sue, Soberano decided against it.

“I am not ruining someone’s life just because they decided to make a silly rumor about me, I said. I think it’s bad enough already that he got a taste of his own medicine and everyone got mad at him," Soberano explained.
She stressed that going abroad doesn't automatically mean that an actress is pregnant.

"I want to change the perception just because I went out of the country na parang buntis agad. I don’t think everyone who gets pregnant wants to hide it, but it really didn’t happen and there was so much proof, It was not (true)," Soberano said. 

“Actually, people who know me know I’m a very bad liar. When I lie, I stutter so much and I end up nabubuking ko 'yung sarili ko," she added. 

For his part, her boyfriend Enrique Gil urged people to be more responsible in using social media.

"I think the lesson is just because there's social media, doesn’t mean that you can just, the license to do whatever you want. You have to be careful also what you put out there," Gil said.