Moira, husband mark 1st wedding anniversary


Posted at Jan 15 2020 11:42 AM

MANILA -- Moira dela Torre and her husband Jason Marvin Hernandez marked their first wedding anniversary on Wednesday, January 15.

In her Instagram post, Dela Torre paid tribute to Hernandez, whom she described as her "greatest blessing."


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"This year wasn't the quiet first year of marriage we both expected. But with every high and every low, whether in victory or in disappointment, you made sure these eyes were what I woke up to and came home to every single day. Thank you for making sure I came home to a home filled with love, grace, forgiveness ...and puppies," Moira wrote in the caption.

She added: "Even in days I hurt you, even in moments when you were hurting, you put me before your feelings and made sure you looked at me with the same eyes I saw at the end of the aisle -- full of hope even when I felt hopeless; full of admiration even when I felt hideous and full of God's love especially when I felt defeated. Thank you for the year that has been and the hundred more it will be~ you are and always will be my greatest blessing."

Hernandez also took to Instagram to share his greeting to dela Torre.

Hernandez acknowledged the fact that their first year was not easy. But despite everything they've been through, they found "greater love."

"We started to have deeper fights. You don’t feel pursued, I don’t feel respected, you feel I’m not grateful for you, I feel you’re not proud of me, and the list goes on. In just one year, we saw many things that could make us give up. But we also saw greater love, grace and forgiveness. I saw how God used me to save you from depression. I saw how God used you to teach me to love others and not just myself. I saw real forgiveness in the way you love me after I hurt you. Love really does cover a multitude of wrongs. Marriage just got real," Hernandez said. 

"I know we still have so much to learn, so much to grow, so much to experience but I’m glad than I’m doing this with you. You are the greatest partner God could ever give me and I promise that I will not let go no matter what. Cheers to our 2nd year, you are and will always be my best blessing. I love you so much," he added.

Dela Torre and Hernandez tied the knot on January 15 last year in a garden wedding in Tagaytay.