Elisse Joson, McCoy de Leon’s daughter Felize turns 9 months


Posted at Jan 12 2022 05:44 PM

Photo from Elisse Joson's Instagram account
Photo from Elisse Joson's Instagram account

Actress Elisse Joson is still amazed to see her daughter, Felize, grow each day as her baby turned nine months old. 

Joson took to Instagram to mark Felize’s life milestone, sharing some of the developments of her daughter since she gave birth to her.

“You can now lean in and kiss, clap, do close open, and we can see your two bottom teeth! It's amazing to witness your growth day by day. I love you, Felize! Happy 9th month,” she said in the caption. 


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Earlier this year, Joson and McCoy de Leon took their baby daughter to her first beach trip as they visited Pangasinan for a quick vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the metro.

There, they let their baby daughter walk her first steps by the shore, and also have a dip in the pool.


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“Takot siya sa water pero sana masanay siya kasi mahilig mag-beach 'yung mommy,” noted de Leon.

De Leon, 26, and Joson, 25, introduced their Felize in the October 31, 2021 episode of “Pinoy Big Brother,” the reality show where they first met and became romantically involved in 2016.

Despite welcoming a baby together, the pair is not in a rush to get married. In an interview with Push, de Leon admitted they have talked about it but they agreed on prioritizing baby Felize first.