After missing her birthday, Sharon writes open letter to KC


Posted at Jan 09 2020 11:25 AM


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MANILA – Sharon Cuneta wrote an open letter to KC Concepcion to tell her eldest daughter how much she longs for her.

Through three separate lengthy messages on Instagram, Cuneta first thanked Concepcion for posting a touching birthday greeting for her last Monday.

While she appreciates the greeting, Cuneta said she “would have loved it most if I could have had a tight hug and heard a ‘Happy Birthday, my Mama. I love you.’ Or a beautiful heartfelt card like those you used to write me. Or a phone call. I even would’ve settled for a private text message.”

Cuneta admitted the reason she got so emotional during her birthday celebration on “ASAP” last Sunday was because Concepcion wasn’t around.

“I do not even have an idea where you are. I usually don’t. I follow you on IG, of course, but as your Mama I wish I didn’t have to find out where you are or what you’re doing at the same time as the public does. I haven’t really known for years now what has been going on with you, in your life, in your heart. I would think that the first person you would talk to would me, your Mama,” she said.

Cuneta said she hungers for the closeness she and Concepcion once had, and she never feels complete whenever she is not around.


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“We are just always here, waiting for you. We missed you at Christmas Eve dinner and only ate because it was too late and we were starving. And I only found out days after that you were at Mama Helen’s house the whole time. But we are thankful that you still were able to come before midnight,” she said.

Cuneta then asked Concepcion not to distance herself from their family.

“I love you very much, Kristina. I missed you at 'ASAP.' But I missed you more the next day, my actual birthday. And last Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day. I miss you too often nowadays, it seems. Because 99% of the time I have no idea where you are, what you’re doing, and more importantly, HOW you are,” she said.

The veteran singer and actress then explained why she took her message for Concepcion to social media.

“I felt obligated to post this because instead of a private text or call from you, you had posted your message and these mean people who have nothing better to do have written their own stories in their twisted minds and posted them as if they were the truth,” she said.

“This is all I have to say. I love you, very much. You are my eldest, my beautiful Kristina. The first to ever make me a Mommy and the first to allow me to feel all of its joys and rewards. Never mind the pain later. That’s normal. But I do miss you. I miss my baby. I miss you loving me with all your heart. I miss your presence in my life,” she added.

In the end, Cuneta reminded Concepcion that she will always just be there for her eldest daughter. 

“Wherever you are, please take good care of yourself. And know that I pray for you every single day -- sometimes a few times a day -- for your protection, guidance and wisdom. And for God to embrace you whenever Mama cannot. I love you and miss you. I can’t say that enough. But I’ll end here,” she said.