Grammy-nominated H.E.R. admits: 'I'm half Filipino and Filipinos love karaoke'


Posted at Jan 09 2019 07:24 PM

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She's not afraid to let her music speak for itself --the reason why she decided to keep her identity hidden ("Just give my music the way that it is, as pure message and keep it like that," she explained). 

Though this secrecy does not necessarily mean that H.E.R. -- an acronym for "Having Everything Revealed" -- is banned from talking about her roots and how she came to love music in the first place. 

She shared in an appearance on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" that music was a constant in her home as a child. 

This was partly thanks to her father being a musician and her mother being Filipino. "I'm half Filipino and Filipinos love karaoke," she said. "So yeah, I love to sing, I've always been around music my entire life and I just gravitated towards instruments."

"They were at my house and my dad would rehearse with his band. So yeah, they were just available to me," she added. 

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H.E.R. also talked about her massive five Grammy nominations, including the coveted album of the year nod. "I had to get a T-shirt that says, 'Nominated for 5 Grammys' cause it's just so special," the young singer, who is just 21, quipped. 

The real name of H.E.R. is Gabi Wilson and she did make a TV appearance as a kid because of her beautiful Alicia Keys covers. 

But when she released her debut EPs in 2017, she began donning sunglasses to obscure her eyes and told Billboard that: "It's just a beautiful thing that my identity isn't attached to my music and it's proof that people just genuinely love the music." 

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