Kris Aquino says she is battling a ‘form of lupus’


Posted at Jan 05 2019 08:45 PM | Updated as of Jan 05 2019 10:56 PM


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MANILA (2nd UPDATE)—Kris Aquino rejected fresh accusations leveled at her by ex-business partner Nicko Falcis, whom she has accused of stealing more than a million pesos from her.

In the same Facebook Live broadcast on Saturday, Aquino said she is battling "a form of lupus."

"Ang inamin ko po sa inyo was the chronic spontaneous urticaria and that is true. I did not want to specify, because my attorney told me na huwag ko sabihin iyong mga allergies kasi pinapadali mo for your enemies to kill you," Aquino said.

"But now I can tell you the truth, I'm allergic to every single medicine that can cure you or at least manage your symptoms kung may lupus ka. All my doctors are doing now is delaying it. They're delaying the inevitable."

With her lawyers sitting beside her, Aquino took to social media to criticize the "malicious" timing of Falcis' interview, wherein Falcis alleged receiving death threats from Aquino.

Aquino's Facebook video began with a lengthy discussion downplaying Falcis' accusations as questionable, given that these were not properly brought up in court during their case's investigation period.

Members of Aquino's camp also claimed that they were willing to settle the case, but Falcis' side kept being uncooperative.

The actress said she is no longer angry at Falcis.

“Hindi na ako galit sa’yo Nicko, pero harapin mo naman lahat ng kaso mo. ’Yun lang. I did not lie. I don’t want to die being accused as a liar,” Aquino said.

Aquino then opened up about the only wish she made for Christmas — to live long enough to see her youngest son, Bimby, turn 18.

"We had been so careful about what would be revealed," Aquino said.

"This is the truth. September 27 hindi maganda talaga iyong blood test dito sa Pilipinas. Bakit nag-apura na September 29 lumipad na sa Singapore? Bakit October 2 pumunta na sa isang allergy specialist, rheumatoid specialist and immunologist? Because here in the Philippines lumabas . . . I'm sure maraming doctor, or mga nurse, and those in the medical profession who know when your ANA (antinuclear antibody) titer count is high that's already a sign of a form of lupus."

She was nearly in tears as she said that her doctors have merely been "delaying the inevitable," as she has been diagnosed to be allergic to the medicine that can combat the disease.

She also said there are times when she could not stand up for "three to four days," and that she's "allergic to everything in the environment," giving trees and high temperatures as examples.

She said she is one anaphylactic shock from suffering the "inevitable."

"Hindi ako humihingi ng awa sa inyo because God has been good to me. Pero nanay ako eh, I just want to be alive for the two."

"Hindi na ako galit sa iyo, Nicko pero harapin mo naman lahat ng kaso mo . . . I don't want to die being accused as a liar."

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Aquino said she will travel to Singapore on Sunday to undergo a positron emission tomography (PET) scan, which is an imaging test that helps reveal how one's tissues and organs are functioning.

Aside from the urticaria, Aquino said she also suffers from fibromyalgia, a long-term condition that causes pain all over the body, which once caused her to be bedridden for four days.

She said she also has a thyroid condition and hypertension, which prevents her from taking medicines for her autoimmune disease.