Mekeni commits to 'best quality' after some products found with swine fever virus


Posted at Nov 04 2019 03:36 PM

MANILA - Mekeni Food Corp said Monday it was committed to produce the "best quality" products after some of its processed pork tested positive for the African swine fever virus.

Pampanga-based Mekeni said it would cooperate with government investigators to identify the source of the contamination.

"In our 32 years of operations, we always promise to provide our customer with the best quality products. We will not waver on this commitment," Mekeni said.

The Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health on Monday confirmed that samples of Mekeni's skinless longganisa and hotdog tested positive for ASF. 

The company ordered the recall of select products on Oct. 26, even before the test results were released. Samples from recalled products were submitted for independent laboratory testing, the statement said.

Operations of Mekeni's pork-based processing facilities were also suspended on Oct. 26. The structures were also cleansed and disinfected, it said. 

Mekeni said it would also work with the Bureau of Animal Industry, National Meat Inspection Service and the Food and Drug Administration for the implementation of a "more comprehensive plan" to prevent the spread of the hog disease.

"These measures are part of our commitment to support the government in its campaign to control the further spread of the ASF that is threatening the hog industry," the company said.

Mekeni said African swine fever "does not pose any danger to human health," echoing earlier statement by the DOH which stated that ASF was "not a human health concern."