AI yearbook trend risks identity theft: NBI


Posted at Oct 24 2023 02:23 PM

MANILA — The National Bureau of Investigation on Tuesday advised the public to avoid using AI-powered photo generator apps, saying they could be used for identity theft and other scams.

The NBI issued the advice in a statement and warned that "there have been reports of such cases already."

It is referring to the viral AI-powered application that generates high school yearbook photos as if taken from the 90s. 

The paid app, which has now been used by celebrities and influencers, requires users to upload 8-12 selfies.

The submitted photos, the NBI said, "can be used to craft fake profiles leading to incidents of identity theft, data breaching, sexual exploitation, phishing attacks, ransomware attacks, and other various malicious activities."

"While it may appear to be harmless and amusing, this AI-driven technology has the potential to be maliciously exploited," the NBI said.

It also stressed the importance of online safety and privacy as it urged the public to be vigilant about the personal information they share on the internet.

"Let us all work together to protect our personal information and stay safe in the digital world," it said.

The NBI is the latest government agency to warn about AI photo tools. Early this month, the National Privacy Commission issued a similar advisory.


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