PayMaya users can now access SSS benefits via digital wallet


Posted at Jul 23 2020 05:18 PM

PayMaya users can now access SSS benefits via digital wallet 1

MANILA - PayMaya users can now use their accounts to claim their benefits from the Social Security System (SSS), the fintech company said on Thursday. 

“Proceeds from the SSS funeral and unemployment benefits, among others, may be coursed through the member’s PayMaya account. Soon, members may also receive their calamity, salary, and other loan proceeds via PayMaya,” the company said. 

To do this, SSS members need to enroll their PayMaya accounts through the My.SSS member portal by entering their PayMaya-registered mobile number under the “Account Number” field at the Bank Enrollment portion of the portal, PayMaya said. 

The fintech company said this is part of SSS’s efforts to migrate a 'checkless' disbursement process and achieve a completely electronic way to distribute funds and other proceeds to its members. This is in response to the growing need to go digital and practice physical distancing amid the COVID-19 crisis. 

“As the country deals with the effects of the pandemic, our digitalization efforts at SSS become a crucial part in ensuring that we deliver not just continuous but also safe service to all of our members,” said Aurora Cruz-Ignacio, president and CEO of SSS.