Ayala Land says turning plastic wastes in eco-friendly products


Posted at May 12 2021 03:07 PM

MANILA - At least 28 metric tons of plastic waste or equivalent to 2.8 million plastic water bottles were recycled into eco-products by Ayala Land Inc as part of its circular waste management initiate, it said Wednesday.

The waste was turned into bricks for pathways, sidewalks and fences, Ayala Land said in a statement.

The real estate company tapped Green Antz Builders which turned the waste into eco-products, it said.

“The cycle involves collecting clean and dry plastics at designated drop-offs and transporting them to eco-hubs, which are recycling facilities where the plastics are shredded and incorporated into concrete products developed by Green Antz,” Ayala Land Sustainability manager Anna Maria Gonzales.

“Processing and using these eco-products effectively prevented clean and dry plastics from Greenbelt and Glorietta from ending up in dumpsites,” she added.

The company has expanded its commitment to environmental protection using a circular economy, by turning waste into useable products, it said.

Ayala Land said it collected tons of dry plastic waste from its properties and communities last year and recycled them to be used in its estates and residential communities.

The European Union and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations recently signed a deal to promote the circular economy.

The World Bank also said the Philippines could unlock some $1.1 billion in value per year from recycling plastic.


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