LinkedIn wants to help millennials deal with 'quarter life crisis'


Posted at Apr 24 2018 08:39 AM

MANILA - Professional network platform LinkedIn on Monday launched its new "Career Advice" feature in the Philippines, hoping to enable young professionals to connect with others for advice and deal with job-related "quarter life crisis." 

LinkedIn said that based on a study it commissioned, more than 60 percent of Filipino professionals aged 25 to 33 are worried that they are not earning enough, 54 percent feel unsure about what to do next in their lives or careers, and 53 percent are frustrated with their career options.

It added that 49 percent report feeling stuck in their current roles with no transferrable skills, 46 percent feel that their current workplaces don’t offer enough support to help them progress. 

LinkedIn also said 87 percent of young Filipino professionals deal with doubt and insecurity which can lead to anxiety or depression. 

Seventy-one percent want advice to help them figure out what to do next but don’t know where to go for answers, according to the LinkedIn study. 

"While there isn’t one simple solution to get over a quarter-life crisis, getting advice from people that have had similar experiences can help navigate these career crossroads,” Linda Lee, LinkedIn’s Head of Communications for Southeast Asia and North Asia, said. 

The professional network said that with "Career Advice" those interested in looking for job negotiation tips, switching careers, or pursuing one’s passions, among others, can find professionals who can help based on the type of advice needed or mutual interests.

"With the LinkedIn Career Advice feature, you will be able to connect easily with a range of mentors," LinkedIn said.