Jobstreet tells workers to upgrade digital skills regardless of profession


Posted at Apr 15 2022 07:03 AM

MANILA - Workers should upgrade their digital skills to remain competitive regardless of their chosen careers as companies eye hiring in digital roles, recruitment portal Jobstreet Philippines said.

Candidates with digital skills have an advantage as employers shift to hybrid work setup, Jobstreet said in a statement.

In addition, according to Jobstreet's Decoding Global Talent report, digital roles are the top target for 77 percent of Filipinos who are willing to retrain for new jobs.

Jobstreet shared the following tips to upgrade one's digital skillset:


Applicants must look for skillsets in demand in a hybrid setup such as communications, teamwork, problem-solving and critical thinking, Jobstreet Philippines Country Manager Philip Gioca said.

With available learning materials, jobseekers can easily learn any skill to future-proof their careers, Jobstreet said.


Digital workers believe in self-study and online learning since it's more flexible compared to a traditional classroom setup.

In Jobstreet's Decoding the Digital Talent Challenge report in November, it was discovered that 75 percent of respondents cited self-study as their preferred way to learn, while 65 percent used digital academies.

“Start close to home, with tools and software related to your current role. You’ll find it more relatable, and immediately have the chance to practice it. There’s a lot of free resources online that you can leverage for your advantage,” said Gioca.

Jobstreet recommends digital education platforms such as FutureLearn, Luna Academy, Udemy as well as Coursera.


Aside from Zoom, there are essential tools for hybrid work such as virtual office simulator tools, video chat tools, document storage systems and live document systems, Jobstreet said.

Applicants should learn to use Google Workspace, Calendly, Trello and Basecamp, among others, for consistent, secure and efficient processes, the recruitment portal said.

"More and more employers will start adopting digital ways of working and mastering these digital tools put candidates in a better position," it said. 


Applicants should be flexible and resilient as the work environment evolves. This will be a key advantage in the digital age, Jobstreet said.

Digital workers are known to be familiar with remote work, staggered hours and. collaborating across time zones, it added.

“Flexibility and resilience are digital skills, too. As more jobs rely on innovation or technology, candidates are encouraged to be more open to trying ideas and not be afraid of failure because when conditions change, we must learn to adjust, recalculate, and bounce back,” Gioca said.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adaption of digital technology for both workers and businesses. It has also proven that the remote work set-up and hybrid work could be advantageous for both the employer and employees.


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