How to invest in your own hotel unit

Jessica Fenol, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Mar 15 2018 08:05 AM


MANILA - DoubleDragon has launched its Hotel 101 project in one of the capital's financial districts, offering the public more venues to invest in property.

Investors get a condominium title to a Hotel 101 unit and get 30 percent of gross revenue. DoubleDragon will get 70 percent, but the will also shoulder operating expenses, repairs and maintenance. The investor will pay real property taxes.

Aside from Hotel 101 at The Fort, which was launched late Wednesday, DoubleDragon will also begin construction on branches in Boracay, Davao and Bohol.

The hotels will have a room capacity of 5,000 upon completion in 2020, the company said. Units at Hotel 101 The Fort are priced at P4.5 million.

"All the units are identical. That’s the key aspect of Hotel 101. When you have identical units, you can share the revenue equally among the unit owner," DoubleDragon chief investment officer Hannah Yulo said.

"It’s really like you’re getting a share of the revenue of the entire hotel. All the unit owners get the same amount deposited to their account on a monthly basis," she said.

DoubleDragon is offering Filipinos the opportunity to invest in the tourism sector as construction booms and condominium units are placed on Airbnb.

Airbnb said the Philippines played a "big role" in its expansion in Southeast Asia, with millennials reared on the sharing economy expected to drive future growth


DoubleDragon is a joint venture between billionaires Edgar "Injap" Sia, who founded roasted chicken chain Mang Inasal, and Tony Tan Caktiong, who founded the country's largest fast food operator, Jollibee.

Hotel 101 will be a "green hotel" that complies with environment regulations, Yulo said.

DoubleDragon plans to build 1.2 million square meters of leasable space by 2020 from its office, hotels and industrial leasing businesses, she said.