LIST: Google shares tips for safer internet use this 2023

Jessica Fenol, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Feb 08 2023 02:45 PM

MANILA - Google Philippines said it's about time for Filipinos to step up their cybersecurity defenses using passphrases, 2-step authentication and other tools to protect themselves while using the internet in the new normal.

In 2022, the Philippines was among the top 3 countries globally to search for computer virus and computer emergency response team, according to Google Trends. 

Search interest for computer virus also reached a 10-year high in the Philippines last year, the report said.

The Philippines is also among the top 5 countries in the world that searched for phishing, trojan horse, privacy, private browsing, identity theft, malware, internet safety, cyberbullying and email spoofing.

“Keeping people safe online is so important to Google. We deliver on this commitment by providing safe and secure products to help people get the best of technology. Every Google product is secure by default with security and protections built-in for everyone,” Google Philippines Head of Communication and Public Affairs Mervin Wenke said during its first Safer Internet Day since the pandemic.

Google PH via JessFenol

Google urged consumers to take advantage of safety tools and use the following tips when using the internet:

  • Use strong passwords with Google Password Manager:
    This platform can help users generate unique passwords. It also stores passwords and checks them for breaches. It alerts the user if passwords were compromised
  • Use passphrases:
    Passphrases are long phrases or sentences used as passwords but some letters were replaced with some characters or symbols. A strong password should have at least 14 characters
  • Use 2-step verification:
    This requires the use of another step before logging into an account for an added layer of safety. It can be done using Google Authenticator App or by linking accounts to
  • Keep devices updated:
    Running apps in the latest version ensures protection from most recent versions of cyber attacks
  • Safe browsing:
    Avoid entering personal information on suspicious sites and only send information using secure connections. It is also not recommended to perform financial transactions using public computers and public Wi-Fi
  • Critical thinking:
    Think first before sharing personal information such as name, last name, screen name, address, email, phone number, credit card as well as government data such as SSS number. Medical, educational and financial data are also considered personal information
    Check security setting using to see if passwords or accounts were compromised
  • Don't fall for misinformation:
    Always check and verify information, sources and how stories or emails are written
    Always visit legitimate sites


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