Tips for Pinoys who are still on 'revenge travel' mode 1

Tips for Pinoys who are still on 'revenge travel' mode

Aneth Ng-Lim

Posted at Oct 02 2023 04:49 PM

It seems high inflation has not dampened Filipinos’ itchy feet. According to a new survey, 7 out of 10 Pinoys plan to travel abroad at least once in the next 12 months. Of this number, as high as 82 percent hope to take off for two or more trips.

These findings came from SEA Travel Insights 2023 report which was released by GrabAds, the advertising arm of Southeast Asian (SEA) superapp Grab. With almost 2,000 respondents from the Philippines, the survey showed revenge travel is alive and strong among Grab users not only from the Philippines, but also from across the region. 

The report also showed a few heartwarming and wallet-smart insights on the travel preferences, habits, and behaviors of Filipino travelers. If you’re intending to travel at least once in the next 12 months, here are some tips that can help you enjoy your trip and possibly travel more.

#1 A family that travels together budgets together

Nearly 7 out of 10 respondents said they prefer to travel with their families and relatives. This trend speaks to the close-knit nature of Filipino families but it also has a downside – as travel costs will tend to be higher, the bigger your family. 

For group travel, it’s always good to set a budget and work from there how far that budget can take you. It was good to discover from the study that as many as 54 percent of the respondents not only set a travel budget, but also make sure to stick to it. You will all enjoy your vacation more when you are not scrimping all the time, and even worrying about how to pay off debts when you get back. 

#2 Plan ahead to get the best deals

About 6 out of 10 respondents said they typically plan international trips that take three hours or less at least one to three months in advance. This is money-smart as they can take advantage of any promotions and discounts when designing itineraries, selecting hotels, applying for visas, and finalizing other travel essentials. They also avoid paying penalties like urgent processing fees by planning ahead.

#3 Begin your adventure in your own backyard

Seven out of 10 respondents want to travel outside the country, and showed strong preference for exploring their side of the globe first with Southeast Asia. Top of the list is Thailand, followed by Singapore, with Malaysia and Vietnam tied for the 3rd spot.

If you’re a first time traveler, it’s good to visit more familiar places – meaning, similar weather, going somewhere not too far from home, where you may have families and friends to visit. There are some things you learn only from actual travel, and these life hacks will come in handy when you plan more adventurous trips to farther places with different time zones and more expensive currencies.

#4 Discover the (cheaper) path less traveled

One thing we can thank social media for, it’s now so easy to get travel tips with just a few clicks. Say, if you want to visit Singapore, and hotels along Orchard don’t fit your budget, look for hotels in other districts that will cost a lot less. Mass transport in Singapore is pretty efficient, and nearly every place is accessible via bus or train. I stayed in Tiong Bahru two years ago, and realized I missed (and paid) so much by limiting myself to the tourist favorite Orchard Road.

#5 Check for the best time to travel to your target destination

When our family agrees on a place to visit, one of the first things we do is check for the best time to travel. Who wants to go to Tokyo Disneyland when it’s pouring rain? Or during their domestic holidays when the park will be full with hour-long lines for every attraction? There are plenty of websites with helpful information that can help you better plan your trip.

There’s also the peak season which budget savvy travelers have learned to avoid. Sometimes a difference of a day or a week can save you a lot of money when booking airfares or hotels. Check with Skyscanner, Google Travel and blogs of local travel enthusiasts for tips on how to travel more with less.

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